7 Signs it’s Time to Sell Your Home

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7 Signs it’s Time to Sell Your Home

The real estate market may have cooled off a bit, what with the rising interest rates, but it’s still an excellent time to sell a house. If you’ve been thinking of making a move in Dallas TX or a surrounding area, here are some signs that now is a good time to sell your house.

1.    Evolving Family Size

Is your family growing with the addition of kids? Or is it shrinking with college kids leaving the nest? Either case warrants an upsize or downsize.

2.    Interest Rates Are Still Low

While they have certainly increased in recent months, interest rates are still historically low. Before they go up again, it’s wise to sell now before buyers’ purchase power decreases. Predictions are that interest rates will continue to rise in 2023 until inflation can get under control again. Putting off your sale may limit how many buyers can qualify for a mortgage.

3.    Kids in School

If you first bought your home when you didn’t have any kids, you probably weren’t thinking about how many kids you’d actually have and what the school system was like. Now that they’re facing their first days in kindergarten, you may want to move to a neighborhood with a highly rated school system or even a safer neighborhood.

4.     House Poor

You may have rushed to buy your dream home without thinking of all the extra expenses that would drag you down each month. When you are house poor, you have enough money to technically meet the mortgage, but little else left over to buy nice things, go on vacation or splurge on fancy dinners out. If you downsize, you can enjoy the little things in life once again.

5.    New Job

You may not have much control over this, but if your boss wants to relocate you, this could be the catalyst for a move. Relocating to another city or neighborhood will put you closer to the new job so you can save on commute costs while drawing a higher salary.

6.    Too Much Upkeep

When you first bought your big house, you had the energy to keep it clean and maintain the yard. Now that you are facing retirement, you may no longer have the energy or mobility to handle all these tasks on your own. Rather than allow the property to fall into decline or shell out big bucks for professionals to clean it, you may be considering downsizing to a retirement community where that’s all taken care of for you.

7.    Unsatisfied With the House

Even if you fell in love with your home when you first bought it, you may be falling out of love with it now. You’re seeing the cracks in the façade, how much more home you could afford in another city, or the emptiness left behind by kids that have flown the coop. Maybe you don’t have the energy to fight with your grumpy neighbor any longer, or your house is becoming a money pit. Whatever the case, it’s time to move on.

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Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Moving Boxes

Moving soon? Your head is probably spinning with all the tasks you have to accomplish beforehand. The biggest task will be to pack all your stuff into boxes for transport. Hiring a mover is the first step to get those boxes from Point A to Point B but first you have to get those boxes packed up.

It’s easy to make a costly mistake when packing, which could lead to damaged goods. Try to avoid these six mistakes. 

1.    Not Double Taping the Bottoms

If you have heavy boxes, make sure you double tape the bottoms. This will reinforce those vulnerable areas so they don’t spill open and drop all the contents on the floor. Not only will you waste time cleaning up broken pieces, you’ll have to repack a new box the right way. Save yourself the hassle: double tape or triple tape the bottoms!

2.    Packing Large Boxes with Heavy Items

Boxes aren’t meant to be overloaded. Be careful how much stuff you pack in each, especially when it comes to surprisingly heavy items such as books. Don’t just stack as many as you can till you reach the top. This is a top mistake many homeowners make, which can compromise the safety of your books as well as your back. Always use smaller boxes for heavy items like these, and don’t over pack.

3.    Allowing the Flaps of the Box to Get in Your Way

While you may want to break the top flaps open before packing, they will just flap back and forth as you add stuff. To prevent this annoyance, fold the flaps on the outside or inside before beginning. Fold them back and seal when done.

4.    Leaving Too Many Gaps

Gaps are not good when it comes to moving boxes. Too much space leaves too much of a chance for breakage. Fill up each box generously, provided it’s not too heavy, then stuff the gaps with soft items such as towels, sheets, clothing or even packing paper.

5.    Labeling Just the Tops

While proper labeling is imperative, don’t just stop at the tops. While this allows you to see what’s in the boxes when standing up and looking down, the contents are not clear from other vantage points. If stacking your boxes, always label all four sides. When packing, place the boxes on a counter or table to easily access each side. Color code the boxes with stickers, tape or markers, such as red for kids’ playroom, green for kitchen, and blue for bathroom.

6.    Not Hiring Professional Movers

Handling everything yourself is a recipe for disaster. It’s important to hire reputable movers to handle the heavy stuff so you can save your back and neck.

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How to Move Into a House From an Apartment in Lewisville TX

If you’ve been living in an apartment for years and are finally able to afford your very own home, you are likely brimming with excitement. Being a homeowner in Lewisville TX is a big deal, as you settle into your new neighborhood in this suburban community in North Texas.

At the same time, it can be stressful to move into a home from an apartment because you know how much bigger the space will be and how much more furniture you will need. If you’re used to living within a small space, you may have to consider purchasing more furniture and décor to fill out the new home.

These purchases can be expensive, and on top of your mortgage payment, you will have to make some adjustments. Here are some tips to make the adjustment go smoothly, as well as some things to prepare yourself for.

An Empty House

Yes, you just bought a big house, and yes, you’re excited. But after living in a confined space for so long, it can feel overwhelming to be confronted with such a large and cavernous space. The sheer different in size can be quite shocking. It may take you a while to adjust to the gulf in functional space you’re up against.

At first, you may feel an emptiness or a void that you will be tempted to fill with furniture, decorations, photos and just plain “stuff.” Those costs can really add up so don’t go overboard. Try your hand at crafts to make your own décor rather than buy impersonal items at the store. Also, go room by room, month by month, and take it slow. There’s no rule that says your whole house has to be magazine-ready on day one.

Consider Costs

There are several costs new homeowners in Lewisville have to think about, and they add up to a lot more than being an apartment tenant. Make a budget for expenses such as gas, electricity and heat, as well as household and garden tools necessary to maintain the property.

While you may be able to easily afford the mortgage, don’t forget about the one-off stuff such as unexpected appliance repairs, filling up your oil tank for home heating, and home chores such as painting or fixing a leaky roof.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

Your house will need more TLC than your apartment ever did. As a result, it can be easy to fall behind. To manage it all, come up with a cleaning schedule for your home. Divide by task, such as sanitizing, vacuuming, dusting or doing laundry; or divide by room such as bathroom, living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. Sticking to a maintenance schedule will ensure all tasks are completed correctly and on time.

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5 Tips For Choosing Reputable Movers in DFW


If you plan to move within the DFW area soon, you are likely beginning the search for a reputable mover you can trust with your relocation. Whether for a complex local move or a small apartment move, it’s important to research movers in the area and get some quotes before making a decision.

The one you choose will have a big effect on the safety of your belongings and the quality of your overall experience. Here are some tips for choosing reputable movers in Dallas and beyond.

1.    In-Home Estimates

While it’s possible for a mover to give you a quick quote over the phone based on preliminary information, you should ask for a written, in-home estimate if you want the most accuracy. This way, you won’t be surprised with hidden fees or add-ons later. Your movers should see with their own eyes the amount of stuff you have, how many stories the home is, and what logistical challenges could arise (tight stairways or hard-to-access locations).

This will all dictate price. Verbal estimates are not as reliable as written ones, so insist on this.

2.    Read Online Reviews

Your preliminary research on area movers should begin online, where moving company reviews are never in short supply. You should be less concerned with the occasional negative review and more concerned with any reply or feedback the owner has given. You want to see some attempt at making an unsatisfactory experience better for the customer.

The company’s response to a customer’s issue will tell you everything you need to know about the mover. Ideally, you want to see a respectful and patient response with the offer to make things right.

3.    Check on Experience

Experience and years in business are both very important indicators of reputation. Make sure you’re choosing an established company that has been in business in the DFW area for many years, which shows staying power. Scour their website for a physical address and not just a PO box.

4.     Check on License and Insurance

You may not think this is a big deal, but it is. License and insurance will protect your belongings as well as yourself and your property. Hiring a mover without insurance or licensing is a very risky decision. If you ask and they are not licensed and insured, go somewhere else. Others will be forthcoming with this information and may even list their license number on their website.

5.    Ask About Specialties

Not all moving companies are created equal. Some offer full-service moves, from residential and office moves to long-distance moves and packing. Some offer extra services such as piano moving, estate cleanouts, storage, junk removal, moving labor and military moves.

Still others offer the basics. For example, here at Quick Trip Movers, we specialize in quick trips and short hauls, usually taking just a few hours or a day at the most, for residential homes and apartments. Always ask your mover what they offer, as you don’t need to pay for full-service movers if you just need a simple, fast delivery or pickup.

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How to Budget For Your Move

How to Budget For Your Move

Moving is not cheap — even if you’re moving across town and it’s a relatively small undertaking. Moving not only incurs costs of buying a new place and hiring a Realtor to sell your old one, but also to hire a moving service you can trust and buy all the supplies you need to make the move. Budgeting for a move well beforehand is the best way to get prepared and handle any financial hurdles that may come your way. Research is key so you don’t overspend. Here are some tips on how to budget for your move:

Start Saving

Whether you have nothing saved, or you have a little, start saving as soon as you learn about the move. Open a separate account for moving expenses and draw from that account to keep everything straight. Aside from saving a portion of your income, you can also sell off your spare car or furniture that won’t fit in the new place. Hold a garage sale and get rid of old clothing, collectibles, and toys to bring in extra cash.

If you rent, inquire about getting the cleaning/damage deposit back on your unit that you paid upfront when you first moved in. Ask your employer to pay you for vacation time not taken. You’ll likely need a couple days off work to handle the move, so get money where you can.

Moving Supplies

You don’t have to buy anything expensive when moving. You can find boxes at the grocery store, or ask family and friends for all the boxes and bins they have sitting around. Instead of buying bubble wrap, used crumpled newspaper to keep your collectibles and dishes safe. You don’t have to rent pads and blankets from your moving company. Instead, use your own ratty blankets, area rugs, and old towels to act as a cushion. Borrow anything you can, and get bulk rates on things like packing tape.

Moving Services

The moving company you choose can make or break your budget. When asking around for rates, find out what each company charges and ask for a breakdown. The biggest way to break your budget is to get a bill with hidden or surprise fees on it. Find out upfront what all fees are for and when you will be charged. Consider packing your own belongings to save money. Then, your movers simply have to pick up your boxes and load them into the truck.

Don’t choose the first movers you speak to. Costs vary by company so get at least a few estimates.

Other Tips

Here are some miscellaneous tips to save money when moving.

  • If your utility bill dates don’t coincide with your moving date, consider shutting off cable or phone service before you leave. That’s because most utility and cable companies won’t prorate your service, so you may have to pay for a whole month of service even though you didn’t use it.
  • Save money on child care when asking neighborhood teens or family members to watch your kids while you move.
  • Look into tax deductions for moving expenses.
  • Ask your employer if they will help with the cost of your move, if this is a business relocation. Most do.

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Moving Tips

Moving Timeline Checklist: Your Guide

Is your impending move coming closer and closer? There are certain things you should be crossing off your to-do list as that big date approaches. With the excitement of a new move comes the fear of not being able to get it all done in time. Check out this handy checklist of what to do one month out from your move, then one week out, then one day out. It’s important to be organized and prepared in order to ensure a seamless move.

One Month Out

Get Organized: Buy some color coded folders and files where you can store all the paperwork that pertains to your move. Take detailed notes in a notebook and store receipts and other small pieces of paper in the pockets.

Sort through all your belongings. Keep them in three separate piles: one to donate, one to throw away and one to keep.

Research moving companies. Inquire about rates, experience, and services offered. Find out if they specialize in the type of move you need, such as small moves or quick hauls.

Purchase and gather all your needed supplies such as boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

Register your vehicle in your new city. Sign up for automatic alerts when it comes to tax payments and license deadlines, so you don’t have to bring a ton of paperwork to the DMV.

Register your new address with the United States Postal Service. The USPS allows you to request mail forwarding for up to a year, provided you submit a Change of Address form to them in time.

Contact the utility companies (gas and electric, as well as phone, cable and Internet) in both your new place and old. Tell them your new address and apprise them of your move-in date. This way, you won’t experience any service interruptions.

Register to vote in your new town by visiting the town hall.

Secure a new doctor for yourself and family. Be sure to call a few different primary care providers as well as specialists. You don’t want to be without a trusted doctor in between, as colds and broken bones wait for no one!

Take a look at your insurance coverage and make sure you have enough. Go over your existing coverage and transfer your homeowner’s and auto policies to the new address.

Cancel all subscriptions. This includes magazines, newspapers, and gym memberships.

One Week Out

Pack: Go room by room so as not to get overwhelmed. Label and color code all boxes with the contents and which rooms they should be placed into once at the new home. Antiques, collectibles and electronics should be packed separately and with the appropriate packing supplies to avoid breakage.

Properly dispose of hazardous materials such as paint and propane.

Call your mover and confirm the day and time they will show up to handle your move.

One Day Out

Arrange for babysitting to keep little kids out from underfoot.

Pack a kit of everything you will need in the car to get to your new place. This will include phone, charger, snacks, medication, diapers, electronics, and comfort items for kids.

Print out a list of your inventory so you can check it off as each box is moved.

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