How to Save Cash on Your Flower Mound Move

Moving, as you’ve likely found out by now, is not cheap. Those costs add up very quickly, between purchasing a new home in Flower Mound, scraping together a down payment, storing your items, buying furniture for the new place, buying moving insurance, and paying for transportation and lodging. Your moving company costs should be the least of your worries.

It’s critical to find the right local movers so you can save your hard-earned cash yet get great service at the same time. says that the average cost of a local move is about $1,250, and the average long-distance move is about $4,890.

If you’re facing a relocation to Flower Mound — a town northeast of Fort Worth and northwest of Dallas, home to 79,000 – you’re understandably preoccupied with saving money in the process. Check out these tips to help you achieve your goals.

1.    Declutter

One great way to save money is to bring less stuff with you. Take this time to declutter and downsize, getting rid of items you no longer use. Do this before packing, as it will lighten your load and lower your stress. You can sell those unwanted items online or at a yard sale or consignment shop.

2.     Borrow Stuff

No need to shell out lots of money for moving supplies when you can grab some free boxes at the local grocery or liquor store. Reinforce the bottoms to reduce the risk of spills. See if your friends or family members have spare boxes, tape, packing peanuts or newspaper they can part with. For everything you can’t get for free, ask your Flower Mound movers for packing supplies at a low cost.

3.    Ask for Help

Don’t hesitate to take your friends and family up on offers to help with the smaller parts of your move. Pizza and beer is still excellent compensation for filling your car with the little things that won’t go into the moving truck. Then, they can unload it at your new destination in a cinch.

4.    Pack on Your Own

Start packing as soon as you have a moving date. You can hire your movers to pack for you, but this will add to your costs. Doing it yourself may be more stressful, but if you’d rather save money, go for it. Just make sure you pack everything properly and safely. If you don’t have the time or inclination, you can always ask your movers to do it.

5.    Hire Professionals

Packing the small stuff on your own is all well and good, but when you have a lot of heavy items, such as furniture, you need to hire professionals. Don’t risk bodily injury and damage to your favorite items. Don’t scrimp in this area, just hire professional movers in Flower Mound. They know the area inside and out.

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