5 Tips For Choosing Reputable Movers in DFW


If you plan to move within the DFW area soon, you are likely beginning the search for a reputable mover you can trust with your relocation. Whether for a complex local move or a small apartment move, it’s important to research movers in the area and get some quotes before making a decision.

The one you choose will have a big effect on the safety of your belongings and the quality of your overall experience. Here are some tips for choosing reputable movers in Dallas and beyond.

1.    In-Home Estimates

While it’s possible for a mover to give you a quick quote over the phone based on preliminary information, you should ask for a written, in-home estimate if you want the most accuracy. This way, you won’t be surprised with hidden fees or add-ons later. Your movers should see with their own eyes the amount of stuff you have, how many stories the home is, and what logistical challenges could arise (tight stairways or hard-to-access locations).

This will all dictate price. Verbal estimates are not as reliable as written ones, so insist on this.

2.    Read Online Reviews

Your preliminary research on area movers should begin online, where moving company reviews are never in short supply. You should be less concerned with the occasional negative review and more concerned with any reply or feedback the owner has given. You want to see some attempt at making an unsatisfactory experience better for the customer.

The company’s response to a customer’s issue will tell you everything you need to know about the mover. Ideally, you want to see a respectful and patient response with the offer to make things right.

3.    Check on Experience

Experience and years in business are both very important indicators of reputation. Make sure you’re choosing an established company that has been in business in the DFW area for many years, which shows staying power. Scour their website for a physical address and not just a PO box.

4.     Check on License and Insurance

You may not think this is a big deal, but it is. License and insurance will protect your belongings as well as yourself and your property. Hiring a mover without insurance or licensing is a very risky decision. If you ask and they are not licensed and insured, go somewhere else. Others will be forthcoming with this information and may even list their license number on their website.

5.    Ask About Specialties

Not all moving companies are created equal. Some offer full-service moves, from residential and office moves to long-distance moves and packing. Some offer extra services such as piano moving, estate cleanouts, storage, junk removal, moving labor and military moves.

Still others offer the basics. For example, here at Quick Trip Movers, we specialize in quick trips and short hauls, usually taking just a few hours or a day at the most, for residential homes and apartments. Always ask your mover what they offer, as you don’t need to pay for full-service movers if you just need a simple, fast delivery or pickup.

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