How to Budget For Your Move

How to Budget For Your Move

MovingMoving is not cheap — even if you’re moving across town and it’s a relatively small undertaking. Moving not only incurs costs of buying a new place and hiring a Realtor to sell your old one, but also to hire a moving service you can trust and buy all the supplies you need to make the move. Budgeting for a move well beforehand is the best way to get prepared and handle any financial hurdles that may come your way. Research is key so you don’t overspend. Here are some tips on how to budget for your move:

Start Saving

Whether you have nothing saved, or you have a little, start saving as soon as you learn about the move. Open a separate account for moving expenses and draw from that account to keep everything straight. Aside from saving a portion of your income, you can also sell off your spare car or furniture that won’t fit in the new place. Hold a garage sale and get rid of old clothing, collectibles, and toys to bring in extra cash.

If you rent, inquire about getting the cleaning/damage deposit back on your unit that you paid upfront when you first moved in. Ask your employer to pay you for vacation time not taken. You’ll likely need a couple days off work to handle the move, so get money where you can.

Moving Supplies

You don’t have to buy anything expensive when moving. You can find boxes at the grocery store, or ask family and friends for all the boxes and bins they have sitting around. Instead of buying bubble wrap, used crumpled newspaper to keep your collectibles and dishes safe. You don’t have to rent pads and blankets from your moving company. Instead, use your own ratty blankets, area rugs, and old towels to act as a cushion. Borrow anything you can, and get bulk rates on things like packing tape.

Moving Services

The moving company you choose can make or break your budget. When asking around for rates, find out what each company charges and ask for a breakdown. The biggest way to break your budget is to get a bill with hidden or surprise fees on it. Find out upfront what all fees are for and when you will be charged. Consider packing your own belongings to save money. Then, your movers simply have to pick up your boxes and load them into the truck.

Don’t choose the first movers you speak to. Costs vary by company so get at least a few estimates.

Other Tips

Here are some miscellaneous tips to save money when moving.

  • If your utility bill dates don’t coincide with your moving date, consider shutting off cable or phone service before you leave. That’s because most utility and cable companies won’t prorate your service, so you may have to pay for a whole month of service even though you didn’t use it.
  • Save money on child care when asking neighborhood teens or family members to watch your kids while you move.
  • Look into tax deductions for moving expenses.
  • Ask your employer if they will help with the cost of your move, if this is a business relocation. Most do.

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