Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Moving Boxes

Moving soon? Your head is probably spinning with all the tasks you have to accomplish beforehand. The biggest task will be to pack all your stuff into boxes for transport. Hiring a mover is the first step to get those boxes from Point A to Point B but first you have to get those boxes packed up.

It’s easy to make a costly mistake when packing, which could lead to damaged goods. Try to avoid these six mistakes. 

1.    Not Double Taping the Bottoms

If you have heavy boxes, make sure you double tape the bottoms. This will reinforce those vulnerable areas so they don’t spill open and drop all the contents on the floor. Not only will you waste time cleaning up broken pieces, you’ll have to repack a new box the right way. Save yourself the hassle: double tape or triple tape the bottoms!

2.    Packing Large Boxes with Heavy Items

Boxes aren’t meant to be overloaded. Be careful how much stuff you pack in each, especially when it comes to surprisingly heavy items such as books. Don’t just stack as many as you can till you reach the top. This is a top mistake many homeowners make, which can compromise the safety of your books as well as your back. Always use smaller boxes for heavy items like these, and don’t over pack.

3.    Allowing the Flaps of the Box to Get in Your Way

While you may want to break the top flaps open before packing, they will just flap back and forth as you add stuff. To prevent this annoyance, fold the flaps on the outside or inside before beginning. Fold them back and seal when done.

4.    Leaving Too Many Gaps

Gaps are not good when it comes to moving boxes. Too much space leaves too much of a chance for breakage. Fill up each box generously, provided it’s not too heavy, then stuff the gaps with soft items such as towels, sheets, clothing or even packing paper.

5.    Labeling Just the Tops

While proper labeling is imperative, don’t just stop at the tops. While this allows you to see what’s in the boxes when standing up and looking down, the contents are not clear from other vantage points. If stacking your boxes, always label all four sides. When packing, place the boxes on a counter or table to easily access each side. Color code the boxes with stickers, tape or markers, such as red for kids’ playroom, green for kitchen, and blue for bathroom.

6.    Not Hiring Professional Movers

Handling everything yourself is a recipe for disaster. It’s important to hire reputable movers to handle the heavy stuff so you can save your back and neck.

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